Trivia: The Kennedy Curse or Just Plain Bad Luck?

On Dec. 31, 1997, Michael Kennedy, the son of Robert Kennedy, died in a freak skiing accident. Answer the questions to decide whether his death was part of the Kennedy curse or it was just bad luck.


How Did Michael Kennedy Die? # Was a skiing accident part of the Kennedy curse? Michael Kennedy, 39, was known as an excellent skier, reportedly being able to ski blindfolded and backward. This might have come in handy since the Kennedys were well-known for playing football while on skis. On the day of his death on New Year's Eve, while playing ski football with other family members in Aspen, Colorado, Kennedy lost control and crashed into a tree. Although paramedics arrived within minutes, he was pronounced dead 90 minutes later at a nearby hospital. The odds of dying in a skiing accident are one in 1.4 million.

When Did the Persistent Rumor of the Kennedy Curse Begin? # Two of the four Kennedys in this photo died a violent death. Tragedy has followed the family of Joseph Kennedy Sr. Of the nine children in the family, Joseph Kennedy Jr. died in 1944 in a secret bombing mission during WWII. Four years later, daughter Kathleen died in a plane crash. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Harvey Lee Oswald in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. His death was followed by the death of son Robert Kennedy by an assassin's bullet in 1968 as he left the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.


Did the Supposed Curse Continue? Tragedy continued to stalk the Kennedy family. David Kennedy, son of Robert, an alcoholic and heroin addict, died in a hotel room in Florida from an overdose in 1984. John Kennedy Jr., son of President Kennedy, died along with his wife, Carolyn, and sister-in-law, Lauren, when his plane crashed in 1999. Mary Kennedy, wife of Robert Kennedy Jr., committed suicide by hanging herself in 2012.

What Were Other Tragedies in the Family? Not all tragedies in the Kennedy family resulted in death. Intellectually challenged Rosemary was the third daughter of Joseph Sr. Because she was difficult to handle and had violent mood swings, she underwent a lobotomy. This procedure left her unable to care for herself and resulted in lifelong institutionalization. While on a campaign trip in 1964, Edward M. Kennedy was also the victim of a plane crash, which claimed the lives of two other people who were aboard.

In 1969, he was immersed in scandal when his car went off a bridge, and the young woman in his car died. Joseph P. Kennedy, son of Robert, was on a plane that was hijacked by gunmen in 1972. Fortunately, the passengers were let go when the plane landed in Yemen. In 1973, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left a female passenger permanently paralyzed. Ted Kennedy Jr. lost his leg in 1973 to childhood cancer.

Statistically, the odds of all this happening to one family are astronomical. Question: curse or happenchance?

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