Some Truly Eggscellent Easter Trivia

How much do you know about Easter, bunnies, eggs and more?  Test your knowledge of Easter traditions with some fun facts and Easter trivia.


What is the Name for Ukrainian Eggs Colored with Dye and Beeswax? # Look down at your plain red eggs with shame and disgust. It’s one thing to break out the Paas kit and turn your eggs into lovely shades of red, blue, green, and scrambled (for the clumsy oaf in every family.) But if you REALLY want to turn your eggs into elaborately decorated works of art, you need to master the Ukrainian art of Pysanka. No painting is required, as all designs are drawn on via melted beeswax. The eggs are then dipped in dyes, either aniline or naturally derived, to give it color..

While you could theoretically create any design you pleased, a true Pysanka egg is exclusively printed with classical Ukrainian folk symbols. There are a lot of them, so get to studying.

So What Does the Rabbit Represent? # If they did, we’d probably be celebrating the Easter Earthworm every year. It has to mean something, right? It’s not like they decided on “rabbit” by opening a door and naming their new holiday after the first animal they saw..

As a matter of fact, there’s a very meaningful reason that Easter is represented by a bunny. As many of you know, rabbits are very good at reproducing, and are seen as a symbol of fertility and life. As such, they were the spirit animal of Eostra, the 13th-century German goddess of fertility. As such, her name soon became the namesake of a holiday designed to commemorate Jesus’s return from the dead, and the rabbit followed suit.


What is the Most Popular Part of a Chocolate Rabbit to Eat First? Yes, people do have a preference as to what part of the bunny they eat first. Also, by and large, most people start the same way: at the ears. Three out of every four people who eat chocolate bunnies say they like to eat the ears first, presumably so the poor widdle gwey wabbit can’t hear you laughing at its misery anymore.

How Much Did the World’s Largest Easter Egg Weigh? You eat more than two Cadbury eggs, and you feel so heavy you might never want to eat again. Now imagine eating tens of thousands of those things at once. Very likely, you feel fat just thinking about it.

Well, something like that did in fact exist. The largest chocolate egg ever created came about on April 16, 2011. A chocolate maker in Tosca, Italy had seemingly no customers that day, so he decided to create a 15873-pound monstrosity for the sake of Guinness World Record immortality. The egg stood over 34 feet tall, and measured up to 64 feet around. The egg seemingly no longer exists, which probably means the entire town of Tosca, three years later, is still laid out in a village-wide cocoa coma. A cocoma, even.

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