5 Big Events That Also Occurred on September 11th

On September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center in New York, causing the 110-story twin towers to collapse. Another hijacked airliner hit the Pentagon and a fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Find out 5 other important events that also occurred on September 11.


Manhattan Island Was Discovered on September 11, 1609 English explorer Henry Hudson ran into bad weather and accidentally sailed up a river off the Atlantic Ocean while searching for a passage to the Pacific.  In the process he discovers the island of Manhattan. He successfully navigates the river which now bears his name all the way to present-day Albany.

On September 11, 1789, a Tax on Whiskey Was Proposed in America When Alexander Hamilton was appointed as the new U.S. Treasury secretary, he had to come up with ways to pay for that expensive Revolutionary War that freed the country from England. He proposed a whiskey tax because he didn’t think many people would object to such a luxury tax. He was so wrong that it led to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.


The Massive Hope Diamond Was Stolen on September 11, 1792 The impressive 45.52 carat Hope Diamond was stolen along with most of the other crown jewels in France during the French Revolution as Louis XVI was kept under house arrest. The unique diamond did not reappear until 1812 in London, and at that time, it was only two days after the statute of limitations had expired on its theft. During the 20 years it had gone missing, someone had cut it into two pieces, and the location of the other recut piece of the original diamond is unknown.

On September 11, 1814, Americans Won the Battle of Plattsburgh This battle, which occurred on Lake Champlain, stopped the British from invading from the north during the War of 1812. Although American militiamen from Vermont and New York were heavily outnumbered, the British suffered heavy losses and retreated into Canada. The two sides sign a peace treaty in Ghent several months later.

Pete Rose Broke Ty Cobb’s Record on September 11, 1985 It was during the first inning of a game between the Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres that switch hitter Pete Rose broke the record for all-time number of hits. With his 4,192 hit, he broke Ty Cobb’s record, which showed that Rose certainly earned his nickname “Charlie Hustle.” Unfortunately, Rose was banned from playing Major League Baseball a few years later because he had been betting on the games, which is a big no-no.