Low-Hanging Fruit? It's Time for Apple Computer Trivia

On January 3rd, 1977, a small, upstart company called Apple Computer was incorporated.  So today, we invite you to test your knowledge on one of the most powerful businesses and brands on the planet...


Who Was the Third Founder of Apple, And How Much Money Did He Sell His Apple Shares For? # You know Steve Jobs, of this we are sure. You probably know the other guy who co-founded Apple: Steve Wozniak. But did you know Apple had a third co-founder? And, we know this is going to blow your mind, his name wasn't even Steve. At age 42, Ron Wayne brought some experience to the three-man team that was filled out with the then-21- and 25-year-old Steves.  Serving as the venture's "adult supervision" Wayne drew the first Apple logo, wrote the three men's original partnership agreement, and wrote the Apple I manual.

But he wasn't crazy about working with Steve Jobs, so he quit. He was quoted in an interview with the Daily Mail as saying, "If you had your choice between Steve Jobs and an ice cube you would nestle up to the ice cube for warmth." He sold his shares in the company for $800 in 1976. How much are they worth today? About $77 billion. He went on to say, "I honestly don't regret walking away at all," which is probably what we would tell ourselves if we were in his shoes too.

Who Invested $150 Million in Apple to Keep the Company Afloat in 1997? # Artist recreation of thousands of fans being told their favorite company would actually be able to pay rent for the coming month. Apple wasn't always the tech giant it is today. In the 90s, it was struggling and in desperate need of help. And they got it from pretty much the most unlikely source imaginable: Microsoft. This would be like the Red Sox getting help from the Yankees, the Allies getting help from the Axis Powers, or Luke Skywalker getting help from Darth Vader. It would just never happen. Oh, wait, well, two times out of three it would just never happen. Apple users so hated Microsoft that when Jobs announced the desperately needed arrival of funds from Microsoft, people actually started booing. 


In 1987, Apple Released a Concept Video for What Product? In 1987, Apple's CEO John Sculley wrote about something called a Knowledge Navigator. Then Apple made a video where a guy uses the product at some point in the future which is included below:

You may recognize a few familiar features here, like the touch-screen interface, the voice-operated functionality and video phone calls. In other words, it's a pretty darn good predictor of the iPhone 4s, made about 27 years early. Oh and just for good measure, you might notice that this concept video is set in the future. Specifically September 16, 2011. When was the new iPhone 4s fist announced you may ask? October 4, 2011. Not bad, 1987 Apple. Not bad at all.

Who was pictured in the very first Apple Computer logo? # Which looks like a total pain in the neck to put on every computer. The very first Apple logo featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, with an apple about to hit his head. (Legend has it that he was literally hit on the head with an apple and that led to the concept of gravity.) The Newton logo was designed by the lesser-known Apple founder Ronald Wayne.  The Logo included a quote from William Wordsworth, a romantic English poet; “Newton… a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought.” The poem was written on the frame of the logo.  The Newton logo was short lived, as Steve Jobs reportedly believed that it was too old-fashioned, or arcane.  The famous CEO soon hired graphic designer Rob Janoff, who then created the now classic and world-renowned logo of the bitten apple. Jobs quickly threw out the old Newton logo, and Apple’s logo was fully established and used by the end of the company’s first year.

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