6 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Prince

On the morning of April 21, 2016, pop sensation Prince was found dead in his Minnesota home and recording studio. The cause of death was an accidental overdose of the opioid fentanyl. Here are 6 shocking facts you probably didn't know about the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.


His Real Name Was Prince The name "Prince'' seems like the perfect stage name for an artist to adopt. But in Prince's case, this was his actual birth name. The artist was born Prince Rogers Nelson and was named after his father's jazz combo. Not surprisingly, both of his parents were musical artists, which can explain Prince's name and his musical talents.

He Was A Jehovah's Witness Prince was not just dedicated to his craft, but he was also a devout Jehovah's Witness. He was even baptized in 2001 as a symbol of his devotion to his faith.  Like others in the congregation, Prince went door-to-door to spread the word about his faith and often used disguises to deflect attention from himself. A woman told the Daily Mail that Prince once knocked on her door in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, where he introduced himself as Brother Nelson. “Excuse me, but has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Prince?” she said, to which she remembers him replying, “It has been said.”


He Wrote Many Hits For Other Singers Prince's list of hits is quite lengthy and includes the likes of When Doves Cry, Let's Go Crazy, Purple Rain, Cream, and Little Red Corvette. But his songwriting wasn't just reserved for himself. In fact, Prince wrote some of the most iconic songs for other artists, including "I Feel For You" for Chaka Khan, "Manic Monday'' for the Bangles, and perhaps most famously, "Nothing Compares 2 U'' for Sinéad O'Connor.

His Symbol Had a Copyrighted Name In 1993, Prince turned his name into a symbol, in a step that he claimed was to break away from his affiliation with Warner Bros. after a challenging working situation. Following that, he became known as "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince." However, the actual symbol itself had a name, "Love Symbol #2," that Prince copyrighted in 1997. When Prince's contract with Warner Bros. expired at midnight on December 31, 1999, he announced that he was reclaiming his given name.

He Was Given His Own Color By Pantone Every year, Pantone comes out with its Color of the Year. Not long after Prince passed away, the color authority company created a royal purple shade to honor the pop star. It was appropriately named Love Symbol #2. Prince and the color purple went hand in hand, so it was only fitting for Pantone to come out with a hue that suited the late singer best.

He Held The #1 Spots For Film, Album, And Single Simultaneously The year 1984 was a big one for Prince. During the week of July 27, 1984, Prince's film Purple Rain hit number one at the box office. That same week, the film's soundtrack was the best-selling album and "When Doves Cry" was holding the top spot for singles.