5 Amazing Facts About The New York Mets

On October 16 1969, The New York Mets, previously one of the worst teams in the league, won the World Series beating the Baltimore Orioles 4 games to 1. Here are five facts you probably didn't know about the Amazing Mets...


The Mets Hold The Record For Losing The Most Games in One Season Well, you can't say the Mets didn't make an impression when they debuted; they just made the wrong impression. Their debut season in 1962 saw them lose a record-breaking 120 games. A few teams have come close to that number but haven't quite reached it. The good news for the Mets is that, while they hold the numerical record for the worst season, they don't hold the worst in terms of percentage. That goes to the Cleveland Spiders for their 1899 season.

They Hired Jesse Owens As A Running Coach The Mets had such a rough start, management was determined to make players improve in any way they could. One tactic involved hiring track and field legend Jesse Owens as their running coach. He spent the 1965 season trying to help the team improve, but even his advice and regimen didn't help. The team still finished in last place.


Garth Brooks Tried Out For The Team You have to hand it to country music star  Garth Brooks; he's definitely adventurous. He not only created another persona, Chris Gaines, to try to break into rock music, but he also tried out for the New York Mets. He joined the Mets for their 2000-season spring training. Unfortunately, he batted rather badly at 0-17. Understandably, the Mets declined to add him.  Though his participation was dismissed by some as a PR stunt, Brooks also tried out for the San Diego Padres in 1999 and the Kansas City Royals in 2004.

They Could Have Been Called The Bees The Mets' full name is the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc., which is a rather nice name when you think about it. They almost didn't end up with that name, however. When the team was first formed, the owner, Joan Whitney Payson, tried to think of other names and came up with The Bees. Luckily, Payson and the team resorted to a write-in contest that landed on the Mets' current name.  Other suggestions from fans included the New York Addicts, the New York Slumlords, and the New York Muggers.

Their Mascot Has Been Threatened By The Secret Service Mr. Met gets no respect. Not only does he have to deal with kids trying to hit him and with jealous boyfriends getting angry when he poses with their girlfriends for a picture, but the Secret Service got angry in 1997 when his costume kept setting off metal detectors. President Clinton was visiting, and while New York Police took the detector issues in stride, the Secret Service told the mascot that snipers would take him out if he tried anything. Back in 1979, the team's owners tried using a live mule instead of a costumed mascot, having the mule trot around the field. They ended up in last place, lost fans, and brought back Mr. Met.