5 Things You Didn't Know About Phoenix Arizona

On February 25, 1881, Phoenix, Arizona, was incorporated by the 11th Territorial Legislature. Phoenix is both the capital of Arizona and its most populated city, with around 1.6 million inhabitants. Here are 5 surprising facts about the city known as the “Valley of the Sun.”


Phoenix Is The Most-Populated State Capital in the U.S. Phoenix is easily the most-populated state capital. At almost 1.5 million people, Phoenix is much larger than the second-biggest capital, Indianapolis, which is home to about 850,000 people.

It Gets Really Hot in Phoenix Phoenix holds the number one spot in the nation for the number of days where the temperature in a major U.S. city is above 100-degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, the average high temperature in Phoenix in July is 106.1 Fahrenheit. The highest temperature in Phoenix ever recorded was in a balmy June in 1990 when it reached a scorching 122-degrees Fahrenheit. Snowfall in the city is a rare event indeed, with the record being only .04 inches back in 1939.


Phoenix Received Its Name From an English Lord Phillip Darrell Duppa was a member of the committee chosen to select the name of the new town. Duppa, who preferred to be called Lord Duppa, spoke seven languages and had royal relatives. After the discovery of irrigation canals from a prehistoric period when the Hohokam lived on the land, Duppa made an eloquent argument that the town should be named Phoenix after the mythological bird that arose from ashes. It was certainly better than suggestions made by other committee members — which included Stonewall and Pumpkinville.

Wild Love Birds Can Be Seen There They were first seen in 1987, and, of course, are popular pets for bird lovers. In 2010, Phoenix was thought to have a wild lovebird population of around 950, which may be borne from a pair of birds that were released or escaped and bred like crazy.

The “Sunshine State” is a More Accurate Nickname for Arizona Than Florida. Meteorological statistics don’t lie. Arizona is the sunniest state in the country. (Florida comes in fifth.) Yuma is sunny 90% of the time, and Phoenix and Tucson tie at 85%. No city in Florida even makes the top ten.