5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Bruce Lee

On November 27, 1940, Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco. Lee went on to become a cultural icon among martial arts aficionados.  To celebrate Bruce Lee’s birthday, here are 5 things you probably didn't know about martial arts legend Bruce Lee...


Bruce Was a Competitive Cha-Cha Dancer Here's a weird fact, but it makes sense if you think about it. Bruce was a decorated cha-cha dancer— apparently, being light on your feet can translate to a wide variety of disciplines. He was the 1958 Hong Kong champion. On the boat over to America in 1959, Bruce taught the cha-cha to fellow passengers. Although he started the voyage sleeping in the bowels of the ship, he got upgraded to first class for his teaching efforts. Now that's resourcefulness.

Lee’s Nickname Was Fitting According to Chinese astrology, Bruce Lee was born during both the hour and year of the Dragon, which is the strongest animal in the zodiac. It is  believed that anyone born under this sign can overcome all of life’s obstacles. As a child, Lee was nicknamed Little Dragon, and this figure was prominent in his life and throughout his career.


Lee Was so Fast, His Films Had to Be Slowed Down One of Lee’s pastimes was catching flies in midair with chopsticks, so it isn’t much of a surprise his films had to be slowed down so viewers could see the action. His films were shot at around 32 frames per second, but they were slowed to 24 fps for the movie audience. Lee could perform six leg kicks in one second, which is much faster than the human eye can see.

Chuck Norris Was Given His First Movie Roll by Bruce Lee Lee was working as the stunt coordinator for The Wrecking Crew, a Dean Martin movie, and he and Chuck Norris were friends. Lee got Norris a job on the movie performing in one of the fight scenes, and Norris even got one speaking line. If you watch the movie, don’t blink or you will miss it.

There Were Rumors of a Family Curse Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon, both died under circumstances that were somewhat unusual. The elder Lee died of cerebral edema after an allergic reaction, and his son died from a gunshot from a weapon on set that was supposed to have a dummy bullet in it. However, some have speculated that everything from the Chinese mafia to voodoo caused the deaths.