6 Shocking Facts To Know About The Kennedy Family

On November 18, 1969, financier and diplomat Joseph P. Kennedy died at age 81. Here are 6 shocking facts you probably didn't know about the the Kennedy family...


Jackie Kennedy Underwent Electroshock Treatments It was suspected that Jack Kennedy kept girlfriends on the side. Because of his affairs and two miscarriages, he admitted his wife, Jackie, to a hospital to treat her for depression. She was taken to Valley Head Psychiatric Clinic in Massachusetts by ambulance where she stayed for one week. During that time, she was given three electroshock treatments, which she said were “the nightmare ride of my life.”

Rosemary, Joseph P. Kennedy’s Daughter, Was Lobotomized The Kennedy family’s oldest daughter suffered a loss of oxygen at her botched birth and was intellectually disabled as a result. As she grew older, her sister Eunice said that Rosemary became erratic and would go into violent rages where she would hit other people. At this point, Rosemary was committed to a mental facility and given a lobotomy, which left her with the mental capacity of a child of two and unable to walk or speak well.


Michael Kennedy Was Investigated for Statutory Rape Michael LeMoyne Kennedy, the son of Robert and Ethel, was allegedly having an affair with the underage babysitter for the family and was being investigated by authorities for statutory rape when he died. Kennedy died while in Aspen, Colorado, on a skiing trip on December 31, 1977. At the time of his death, he was 39 years old.

Kennedy’s Oldest Son, Joseph, Jr. Died During World War II Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and was working as a bomber pilot when he died on August 12, 1944, near East Suffolk in the United Kingdom. He had completed 25 missions as a bomber pilot and was eligible to return to his home but instead volunteered for another mission called Operation Aphrodite, which targeted enemy facilities. The torpex explosive on-board Kennedy’s plane detonated prematurely before he and Lt. Wilford Willy were able to bail out of the BQ-8 drone they were in, which exploded in midair.

Robert Kennedy Made an Accurate Prediction About the Future On May 27, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy stated that in 40 years, an African-American could attain the position of president of the United States. In addition, he said that while prejudice existed, progress was being made, and the status quo was unacceptable. His prediction was correct because Barack Obama was elected president 40 years later.

John Kennedy Ordered Cuban Cigars Before He Signed a Trade Embargo In 1962, President John F. Kennedy asked Pierre Salinger, his press secretary, to obtain many Petit Upmann Cuban cigars, his favorites, for him right away. The following morning, Salinger found his phone ringing when he arrived at 8:00 a.m., and it was the president wanting to know about the cigars. Salinger had obtained 1,200 of the requested cigars, and it was then that Kennedy pulled out the embargo paper and signed it, which made the importation of Cuban products into the United States illegal.