5 Things You Didn't Know About Princess Grace

On September 14th, 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco (better known to some as the actress Grace Kelly) died from injuries she suffered after her car plunged off a mountain road near Monte Carlo. Here are 5 things you didn't know about Princess Grace.


She Had To Pay $2 Million And Take A Fertility Test To Marry Prince Rainier Kelly had to agree to some unusual traditions among royalty in Monaco to marry. One of them was to take a fertility test to prove she could produce an heir to the throne. She also had to give up her American citizenship. Moreover, Kelly's family was required to pay a dowry of $2 million. Kelly's father was outraged by this demand and initially refused to pay up, allegedly saying, "My daughter doesn't have to pay any man to marry her. Her father eventually agreed to pay part of it, and Kelly herself reportedly ended up forking over half of the dowry herself. Prince Rainier's friend Aristotle Onassis supposedly chipped in as well.

She Was the First Actress to Be on a Postage Stamp Kelly represents the first actress to appear on a postage stamp in America, even though she was then formally Princess Grace of Monaco. In the United States, heads of state cannot be on U.S. stamps, so a little imagination was needed to allow it to be issued. The stamp listed her simply as Grace Kelly.


Her Films Were Banned in Monaco Prince Rainier didn’t want Grace Kelly continuing her career as an actress and banned her films from being shown in Monaco, saying that it was not very dignified for someone of her new position. Rainier did allow her to appear in Marnie, another Hitchcock film, although this never came to fruition.

Herm├Ęs Named a Handbag After Her When Princess Grace was pregnant with her first child, she shielded her growing bump from the paparazzi with a handbag in front of her. It made the handbag so popular that it became known as the "Kelly bag." It was officially renamed in 1977 and now has an extended line that includes compact wallets, belts and watches.

She Died In A Tragic Accident Princess Grace was driving to a train station with her daughter Stephanie when she missed a turn, and the car plunged down a steep slope. She died the next night, while her daughter suffered a hairline vertebral fracture and a concussion. It was concluded that the princess had suffered a stroke while driving that caused her to lose control of the car.