5 Fascinating Facts About Apple's iPhone

On June 29, 2007, the Apple iPhone went on sale and people lined up to buy it.  Nobody, not even Apple, could predict how the iPhone would change the way we look at phones forever.  Here are 5 fascinating facts about the phone that captivated the country....


Bono Is Hiding in Your iPhone # Twelve iPhone generations have been released so far, and part of its popularity is due to its upgrade program. Well, not the real Bono, but a photo of him is hiding in your iPhone if you open your music function and scroll until you locate the “Artists” icon. The silhouette is that of Bono, U2’s lead singer. Since he was among the first musicians who had all of his music available on iPhone, iPod and iPad early on, it only seems right.

Steve Jobs Made His First iPhone Call to Prank a Coffee Shop # More than one billion iPhones have been sold by Apple so far. When Steve Jobs introduced his first iPhone, he apparently used it to play a prank in public. He made a phone call to a Starbucks that was nearby and ordered 4,000 lattes. As the audience laughed, he told the astonished person at Starbucks that he was just kidding and had the wrong number.


Purple Was the Codename for the iPhone Project The project to build the iPhone was a big secret at Apple, and to keep it quiet, only employees inside the company could work on it. Security for the project was extreme, using card readers and multiple security checks, so it was more likely to be kept under wraps until the phone was released. “Purple” was the project’s codename, and the building where it was invented was referred to as the Purple Dorm.

Cisco Made an iPhone First Cisco wasn’t happy when Apple announced the iPhone because of the name. This is because Cisco had their own iPhone that operated using a VoIP, which let its customers access Skype without using a computer. Their iPhone was launched several weeks before Apple’s announcement. The trademark lawsuit was settled later, and both companies retained the rights to the name iPhone.

Apple Maps Has Improved a Great Deal Since iOS 6 Apple Maps originally had a glitch in it that could have gotten you killed by driving off a bridge. The turn-by-turn directions were to reach the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino, California.