5 Things You Didn't Know About Amy Winehouse

On July 23, 2011, Amy Winehouse was found dead at age 27 in her home in London. The singer, known for her powerful voice had died from alcohol poisoning. To mark the ninth anniversary of her death, here are 5 things you didn't know about soul sensation Amy Winehouse...


She Was Once A Member Of A Rap Group Before Winehouse decided to embark on a solo group, she was a member of a rap group known as Sweet ‘n’ Sour. It was composed of Winehouse and her best friend, Juliette Ashby. According to Rolling Stone, Winehouse later referred to the group as “the little, white, Jewish Salt-N-Pepa.” As a group, they recorded songs such as “Glam Chicks,” “Boys…Who Needs Them,” and “Spinderella.” The three songs he recorded never were released, but that session gave Winehouse a taste of what recording could be like.

She Nearly Became a Bond Girl Or so the confusing story goes. Initially, the rumors was that Winehouse had been offered a role as a Bond girl in Casino Royale, after producers fell in love with the Rehab star’s hit album. However, nothing really materialized in terms of acting -- but singing was another matter, with Winehouse apparently in the running to sing the theme song to Quantum of Solace. Ultimately, the producers reportedly decided to pass on Winehouse singing the movie’s theme song. They decided to go with Alicia Keys and Jack White instead. Winehouse made it clear that she wasn’t pleased about this decision.


Her Song Rehab Wasn't Originally Meant to Be a Real Song You know how sometimes it's those last-minute, not-really-planned projects that turn out really good? Winehouse's song Rehab was like that in that it wasn't supposed to be a real song. It was something she made up on the spot while joking around with a friend. Her friend, Mark Ronson, liked what he heard so much that he encouraged her to record it, and she said she could do that immediately, and she did. The song and album went on to earn several awards, including a Grammy.

She Would Cut Herself -- and Once, Did It in a Very Public Way In the years before her death, Winehouse and her fiance and later spouse Blake Fielder-Civil would cut themselves when experiencing withdrawal from drug use. At one point, Winehouse was in a photo shoot and took some broken glass that was nearby and actually carved Fielder-Civil's name into her stomach. Winehouse and Fielder-Civil divorced in 2009. Apparently, it was this relationship that introduced Winehouse to crack and heroin.

She Dreamt Of Becoming A Roller-Skater It's not unusual for children to have some odd career choices when asked what they want to be when they grow up. According to a 2007 Rolling Stone cover story on Winehouse, she didn’t aspire to be a musician, though; instead, she fantasized about being a roller-skating waitress. Her inspiration? The movie American Graffiti.  It turned out that Amy Winehouse was destined for bigger things.