5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About McDonald's

On October 5, 1902, American entrepreneur Ray A. Kroc was born. Kroc rose from humble beginnings and built McDonald's into the most famous and successful fast-food restaurant in the world.   Here are five little-known facts about one of America’s favorite fast-food joints...


They Serve 69 Million Customers Every Day It is estimated that McDonald’s serve approximately 69 million customers every single day. This is more than the entire population of France, which is around 66 million people. This means that they sell 75 hamburgers every single second and more than 5 billion burgers annually. To achieve such sales, they require herds of cows totaling 25 million cows. 

McDonald’s is The World’s Second Largest Private Employer McDonald's global workforce consists of around 1.5 million employees worldwide, making it the world's second-largest private employer behind Walmart’s 1.9 million employees. McDonald’s is also the biggest private employer in the United Kingdom. The number of people employed by McDonald’s is greater than the entire population of Philadelphia.


They Are The Largest Toy Distributor in The World McDonald’s is famous for including a toy with every purchase of a child’s Happy Meal, which allows them to distribute more than 1.5 billion toys across the world each year. This is more than either Hasbro or Mattel, two of the leading toy companies in the world. In recent years, McDonald’s has often included small books with the Happy Meals instead of a toy to encourage children to read. This has led them to distribute more books to children than the world’s largest library, The Library of Congress. A toy or book is included in around 15% of sales at McDonald’s.

There is a Ski-Thru in Sweden People are accustomed to using the drive-thru at a McDonald’s for convenience when they don’t want to sit inside and wait for their meals. What is slightly more unusual is the ski-thru facility at a resort in Sweden. The McDonald’s is located at a popular ski resort in the country and there was a demand for people who didn’t want to stop their fun on the slopes to sit in the restaurant. Therefore, they created a facility allowing people to collect their orders from outside while still wearing their skis.

Many Celebrities Have Worked For McDonald's It is estimated that one in every eight people living in the United States has been hired by McDonald’s at some point in their life. It therefore isn’t surprising that many celebrities have worked at McDonald's before becoming famous.  Some of the celebrities who worked there include Jay Leno, Pink, Rachel McAdams, and Shania Twain. During a “60 Minutes” special, Jay Leno entertained viewers by showing off his McDonald’s burger-flipping skills.