5 Things You Didn't Know About Bobby Kennedy

On June 5, 1968, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel. Despite his premature death, he remains a major figure in U.S. culture and politics. Here are five surprising facts you probably didn't know about Bobby Kennedy...


He May Have Predicted Obama's Presidency In a 1968 interview, a young Robert F. Kennedy made a bold prediction. "In the next 40 years," he said, "a [black person] can achieve the same position that my brother has," meaning the late President John F. Kennedy. And what happened exactly forty years later, in 2008? The people of the United States elected the very first African-American president, Barack Obama.

He Was The First To Climb Mount Kennedy When a 14,000-foot mountain in Canada’s Kluane National Park was to be named Mount Kennedy, Bobby was determined to become the first person to climb its peak. As he and his team of climbers approached the summit, Kennedy broke away from the group and approached the mountain’s peak himself. Once there, he deposited several JFK-related items, including a copy of his inaugural address, a memorial medallion and even one of President Kennedy’s World War II-era PT-boat tie clips. 


He Shared An Interest In Stamp Collecting With FDR As a child, Robert F. Kennedy had a keen interest in collecting stamps, a hobby he shared with president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In fact, in 1935, at the age of 10, Bobby wrote to the then-president to express his interest in stamp collecting, to which FDR responded by gifting him with a book of stamps and an album in which to collect them. "Perhaps sometime when you are in Washington you will come in and let me show you my collection," Roosevelt wrote.

Two People Were Killed During The Procession of RFK’s Funeral Train After a funeral mass in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral on June 8, Kennedy’s body began its trek towards its final resting place beside his brother at Arlington. Intended to give a grieving nation an opportunity to pay their respects, Kennedy’s funeral train passed by tens of thousands of mourners waving flags and signs. The already tragic events of the assassination were compounded, however, when two onlookers, hurrying to move out of the path of the Kennedy train near Elizabeth, New Jersey, were struck and killed by a train moving in the opposite direction.

The Man Who Assassinated Robert Kennedy Is Still Alive Sirhan Sirhan, who killed Senator Robert Kennedy, admitted that he was the one who shot Kennedy and five others at the Ambassador Hotel. He was sentenced to the gas chamber on April 23, 1969, but the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment several years later. He is currently imprisoned in San Diego at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility.