5 Fun-Facts About Cleveland You Never Knew

On July 22, 1796, the city of Cleveland was founded by Gen. Moses Cleaveland, a Connecticut lawyer, and politician, who was surveying the area. Here are five fun-facts about Cleveland you probably didn’t know...


Cleveland Was The First City To Be Lit By Electricity Although everyone knows that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, Charles Brush, an industrialist, and inventor, was responsible for widely introducing electricity to the country. In 1879, Brush illuminated Public Square to be the first “city” lit with electricity. In addition, Cleveland holds the distinction of installing the first electric traffic light at Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street.

Cleveland Was Where Semi-Trucks Were Invented Back in the 1800’s, when automobiles were first being rolled out, there were no bigtrucks capable of transporting large quantities of goods.  Alexander Winton was a Scottish immigrant who moved to Cleveland in the late 1800’s. There, he founded the Winton Bicycle Company in 1891.  That company turned into an automobile company, and when Winton realized he needed a way to transport automobiles, he attached a large wagon/cart to the back of his car and the first semi truck was born.


The City Is Spelled Differently Than Its Founder's Name Cleveland was initially called “Cleaveland” after its founder in 1796, Moses Cleaveland.  It was called Cleaveland until 1830 when The Cleaveland Leader, a newspaper in town, couldn’t fit the extra “a” on the front cover, and decided to scrap it and go with Cleveland.  The name stuck, and that’s why it’s called Cleveland after all these years.

The City Boasted the First Indoor Shopping Mall Called The Arcade, the first indoor shopping mall opened in 1890. Nicknamed “The Crystal Palace,” it was financed by some of the most powerful and famous men of that century, including John D. Rockefeller, Louis Severence, and Charles Brush, the same man who electrified the city. This Cleveland landmark was refurbished in 2001 and is a must-see for those who are visiting the city.

Cleveland Was Where a Rock Concert Was Held For the First Time The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum is located in Cleveland because it was the first city to host a rock concert called the Moondog Coronation Ball at the Cleveland Arena in 1952. It cost only $1.50 to go and hear groups such as Paul Williams and the Hucklebuckers, The Dominos and Tony Grimes, and the Rockin’ Highlanders. The show was broadcast live over the radio by Alan Freed, a DJ who called himself the King of the Moondoggers.