5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Spider-Man

On August 10, 1962, Spider-Man made his comic book debut in Amazing Fantasy #15.  Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and very quickly took pop culture by storm.  Look out!  Here comes the 5 things you probably didn't know about the famed wall-crawler...


Spider-Man is Quite the Ladies Man. # If you're gonna get bit by a radioactive spider, you better hope you look this cool. Image source: WikiCommons Despite being a timid, somewhat awkward teen, when Peter Parker puts on that spandex suit it's not just his body that shoots over tall buildings—his confidence is sky-high, too. Most people think of Spider-Man's two main love interests from the comics (and films): Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy. But Peter's first love was actually Betty Brant. Like many of Parker's relationships, however, this one too ended in death when Betty's brother passed away during a fight between Spidey and Dr. Octopus. And true comic book fans will also remember Felicia Hardy—Parker's love interest before Mary Jane came along. 

Peter's Parents Were Spies. # Stan Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man. Image source: WikiCommons One of the biggest mysteries in the early days of Spider-Man was "What happened to Peter Parker's parents?" We know that Peter lived with Uncle Ben and Aunt May for quite some time when he got bit by the radioactive spider, but the backstory behind why didn't reveal itself until 1968 when Peter uncovered the truth: his parents were double agents working for the U.S. government to infiltrate an organization run by a KGB operative. They were killed in a plane crash in Algeria, leaving Peter to be raised by Ben and May.


He's Been a Part of the Fantastic Four and X-Men. If you follow along with the comic books, you may remember Spider-Man got the nod to join an early incarnation of The Fantastic Four (then called the Future Foundation) after The Human Torch passed away and left an open spot on the roster. Later on, in his retirement, Spider-Man went on to teach a course or two (while fighting crime and evil on the side) at the Jean Gray Insitute of Higher Learning along with the rest of the X-Men (except Wolverine, who had died by this point).

Tony Stark Made Him an Iron Man Suit of His Own. When Peter Parker decided to fight alongside Stark and the rest of "The Initiative" during the Civil War, Stark made Parker a special suit called "The Iron Spider." While the suit traded in the traditional red and blue for gold, that was far from its only difference. It also had three retractable spider legs that Parker could use for a stronger grip or an "extra hand" in combat.

Peter Parker is Dead. But a New Spider-Man is Climbing the Ranks. Following the death of Peter Parker, a young thief named Miles Morales finds himself face-to-face with the same radioactive spider that chomped down on Parker so many years back. Like Parker, Morales develops "spidey senses" and decides to use them for good. Unlike Parker, Morales does not shoot webbing from his wrists but venom instead.

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