5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Wisconsin

On April 20, 1836, the Territory of Wisconsin was established by Congress. Since its founding, Wisconsin has become known for its cheese, its frigid winter weather, and the Green Bay Packers. But there's more to America's DairyLand than that. Here are 5 interesting facts you probably didn't know about  Wisconsin...


Green Bay Is Known As The "Toilet Paper Capital of The World" Green Bay is known as the "Toilet Paper Capital of the World" because of the prevalence of the paper industry in the city. In 1901, Northern Paper Mills of Green Bay created the first ever “sanitary tissue” which they called Northern Tissue. By 1920, the company was producing toilet paper on a roll, and quickly became the world’s largest producer of bath tissue. The discovery that toilet paper could be made without shards of wood creeping through made “Splinter-Free“ Northern Tissue’s slogan. Wisconsin is the nation's No. 1 toilet paper manufacturer, cranking out $13.8 billion in products annually and employing over 30,000 people.

Margarine Was Once Illegal In Wisconsin In 1897, in order to protect that dairy industry, margarine colored yellow to look like butter was banned in the state. While the law was repealed in 1967, it remained illegal for public places such as restaurants and prisons to use the butter substitute—unless they also served butter. These restrictions were finally lifted in 2011.


Many Of The First Settlers Were Lead Miners You might think that Wisconsin is the "Badger State" because these cute little guys are found in Wisconsin. Actually, the reference has to do with the rush of lead miners in the state during the early 19th century. At the time miners would come to Wisconsin but often did not have shelter.  When it grew colder, the workers would dig holes to sleep in, not unlike badgers.  

Monroe, Wisconsin Is The Swiss Cheese Capitol Of The World Considering the name, you might assume that the Swiss Cheese Capital of the World is located in Switzerland. But you'd be wrong. Instead, this title is held by Monroe, Wisconsin. Cheese factories within a 40-mile radius surrounding Monroe produce 84% of Swiss cheese manufactured in the United States. Wisconsin also leads the country in exports of other edible goods, including whey, cranberries, ginseng root, and sweet corn.

It Is Home To The First Kindergarten The first American kindergarten was actually started in Watertown, Wisconsin. It was opened in 1856 by Margarethe Schurz, who started a home kindergarten for her daughter and four of the cousins. She soon let other children in. You can even visit the actual house, which was been converted into a museum.