5 Things You Didn't Know About Queen Elizabeth II

On June 2, 1953, Queen Elizabeth II officially took the crown after the passing of her father, King George VI. Just 25 at the time of her coronation, Elizabeth is now the longest-reigning British monarch in history. Here are five more incredible facts about the 92-year-old Queen of the Commonwealth...


She was in Kenya When She Became Queen. # Copy of an actual ticket to Queen Elizabeth II's coronation ceremony in 1953. Image source: WikiCommons At the time of her father's passing, Elizabeth was with her new husband in Kenya. The two had made a pit stop there on their way to Australia and New Zealand and had just returned home from a night on the town when word arrived of George's death. Phillip broke the news to the new young queen, and the royal party quickly returned to London where they immediately moved into Buckingham Palace. Though her coronation ceremony wouldn't occur for several more months, Queen Elizabeth II had begun her epic reign that spans all the way to today.

She's 92-years-old and Still Has a Drink Before, During, and After Lunch Every Day. The Queen is said to be quite the fan of gin and is known to have a cocktail of gin and fortified wine (with a slice of lemon) before lunch every day. Then, she drinks wine with lunch, a martini in the afternoon, and has a glass of champagne in the evening. At 92-years-old, why not get a little loose?


Prince Phillip Isn't the Only Man Who Has Been in Her Bedroom. In 1982, a man named Michael Fagen snuck into Buckingham Palace not once, but twice in the same month. It was on his second adventure that he managed to sneak into Elizabeth's bedroom where he found her in her nightie. The original story was that the Queen kept her cool and ended up having a long conversation with Fagen before security came and apprehended him, but Fagen remembers it differently: he claims she scurried past him barefoot without saying a word. The Queen's head of security offered his resignation as a result of the break-in, but she graciously declined the offer and asked him to stay on.

She's Visited 116 of the 195 Countries on Earth. # Queen Elizabeth with President Ronald Reagan. Image source: WikiCommons Elizabeth has long been a fan of travel. She first visited the United States before she ascended to the throne while Harry Truman was President and throughout her time as queen, has gone on 256 official state visits to 116 different countries. And she's only slowed down slightly in her old age—she visited 43 new countries after turning 50 and has made recent visits to Germany, France, Ireland, and Italy. 

She Brings Her Own Toilet Paper on the Road. Despite being an experienced traveler, The Queen doesn't pack light. In addition to dozens of outfits, her own food and water, and even a personal supply of blood that matches her type, Elizabeth brings her own toilet paper wherever she goes. You can recognize it by the special seal holding each fresh roll together—only Phillip or The Queen herself are allowed to break it.

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