5 Things You Didn't Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger

On this day in 2003, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California after a contentious recall election.  Schwarzenegger was one of 135 candidates on the ballot, which included career politicians, other actors, and one adult-film star.  Here are five other things you didn't know about Arnold Schwarzenegger…


His Father Was A Nazi You read that correctly. In the 1990s, rumors began circulating that Gustav Schwarzenegger had been a Nazi, and Arnold asked the Simon Weisenthal Center to investigate.  They confirmed that Gustav voluntarily joined the Nazis in 1938, and even tried to become part of the "Brownshirts", which was a militant street gang that Hitler eventually purged because they were too violent for Hitler's tastes. Arnold claimed to have never liked his father much. Apparently, he was an abusive jerk, and Arnold even skipped his funeral.

He Did Time In Military Prison Arnold was in the Austrian military as was required of all Austrian men when they turned 18. Unfortunately, the Junior Mr. Europe bodybuilding competition was held while Arnold was in the middle of basic training, so he decided to go AWOL so he could compete in the competition. He left with a first place trophy but was jailed in a military prison for a week as punishment. Two years later he became the youngest person to ever win the Mr. Universe title.


His Teenage Life Plans All Came True At 15 years old,  Arnold apparently saw no reason to dream small and laid out a life goal that seems pretty outrageous on paper. According to many of his childhood friends, Arnie’s life plan was to move to America, become a famous actor, and marry a Kennedy. And that’s exactly how that it went down. After starring in Hollywood’s biggest movies, Arnold married Maria Shriver, for twenty-five years, who is, in fact, a niece of John, Robert and Ted Kennedy.

He Didn’t Want to Say His Signature Line Even people who aren't movie buffs know that "I'll be back" is an iconic catch phrase from the Terminator films. However, Arnold initially didn’t want to say the line, for two reasons. For one, his accent made saying the word “I’ll” difficult, so he wanted to say “I will be back.” He also felt it made more sense for his character, insisting that a robot wouldn’t speak in contractions.Despite Schwarzenegger’s protests, James Cameron refused to change the line. Arnold delivered it as best he could, and it wound up becoming his trademark.

He Had a Successful Bricklaying Business Before he became a legendary bodybuilder and world-famous actor, Schwarzenegger was already a successful businessman. He began his rags-to-riches journey by starting a bricklaying business in California. Schwarzenegger started the business in 1968, when he was only 21 and had just moved to the United States. The business was remarkably successful, owing in part to Schwarzenegger’s well-known business savvy and a rise in demand for building materials following the San Fernando earthquake in 1971.