5 Things You Didn't Know About The NBA

On August 3, 1949, the National Basketball Association (NBA) was formed when the National Basketball League (NBL) and Basketball Association of America (BAA) merged. Here are 5 things you didn't know about the NBA...


The NBA’s Tallest Player Was a Romanian At 7’7” tall, Gheorghe Muresan holds the record as the NBA’s tallest player, which would seem to be a team advantage since it looks as though it would be easier to make a basket. Muresan played for the Washington Bullets/Wizards from 1993 to 1998 and for the New Jersey Nets from 1999 to 2000 as a center. Twice he was the field goal percentage leader in the NBA, but his career ended due to injuries.

Shaquille O’Neal Is Famous For More Than His Basketball Career O’Neal is certainly one of history’s great centers, but he holds a record for his shoe size in the NBA. With a height of 7’1 and weighing around 321 pounds, it takes big feet to hold all that up and Shaq wears a 24-EEE sneaker. This is almost double the size of the average American.


Not All NBA Players Are Tall The shortest player in the NBA was little Muggsy Bogues, an all-American who played for four different teams as a point guard. He is 5’3” and weighs around 135 pounds, but his size didn’t stop him from playing for the NBA for 14 seasons. During his career playing for Charlotte, Toronto, and Golden State, he scored a total of 6,848 points.

The Money NBA Players Make Is Often Gone Soon After They Retire One of the reasons people want to become professional athletes is because of the big money they earn. In the NBA, a decent player can rake in $10 million a year or more, and the really big players earn far above that amount. Unfortunately, around 60 percent of retired NBA players go broke about five years later because they continue living the expensive lifestyles they had while they were still playing.

The NBA Fined Michael Jordan for Something Unusual In 1984, Michael Jordan signed a contract with Nike to endorse their Air Jordan athletic clothing and basketball footwear. Because he wanted to promote the sneakers, he decided to wear them during the 1985 NBA games. Jordan was fined $5,000 each time he wore the Nikes but probably laughed all the way to the bank because he makes millions each year endorsing the company’s products.