5 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About John Gotti

On June 23, 1992, John Gotti, was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty on 14 accounts of conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering.  Here are 5 shocking facts that you probably didn't know about the “Teflon Don”...


He Once Threatened Sinatra Frank Sinatra once declined to dine with Gotti. In response, Gotti reportedly sent one of his men to threaten Sinatra. This sounds like a classic mob boss demanding he get his way, but as you can guess, there's more. Sinatra was supposed to dine with Gotti after one of Sinatra's shows. He had sent tickets to Gotti, and he and Gotti were supposed to meet afterward, but Sinatra had to bow out of the dinner because he was feeling ill -- or at least, that's the story that Gotti received. Unfortunately, Sinatra was spotted at another club later that evening looking rather healthy which made Gotti angry. One of Gotti's associates reportedly told Sinatra that if he ever stood up Gotti again, his would be the last face Sinatra would see on this earth.  

The Man Who Ultimately Got Gotti Convicted Was None Other Than Robert Mueller The FBI credited Sammy Gravano with supplying the evidence for Gotti’s conviction in 1992 on 13 counts, including racketeering and murder. Gravano testified against Gotti, saying that 10 of the 18 murders he had committed had been approved by Gotti and that Gotti had been behind the murder of Paul Castellano. The man who managed to convince Gravano to turn on his old boss was none other than Robert Mueller, the same man who completed the investigation against President Donald Trump. Mueller managed to get Gravano to change sides by offering him a reduced sentence for the 19 murders he had been accused of.


His Conviction Caused a Riot You'd think a guy responsible for brutal murders, bringing drugs into the neighborhood, and promoting illegal gambling might not have too many fans among the general public. But, the truth is, he was a beloved character in New York during his time with the Gambino family. When he was finally convicted in 1992, a crowd of his fans outside the court went into riot mode. In fact, they stormed the courthouse and damaged cars both by smashing them and overturning them.

He Waked With a Noticeable Limp John Gotti was involved with the New York City Mafia from the age of 12 years old, starting out as an errand boy for an underground club, which was run my Carmine Fatico – a captain in the Gambino family. At the age of just 14 years old, he attempted to steal a cement mixer from a construction site; however, all did not go to plan, as the it toppled over and crushed his toes. The accident resulted in Gotti permanently walking with his trademark limp.

When John Travolta Made a Movie About Gotti, He Wore Gotti's Actual Clothes and Cologne After Gotti went to jail, his son took over the family for a few years but then left the "family business" after being sentenced to a few years in jail for racketeering. Post-release, John Gotti Jr. received an offer from Sylvester Stallone to make a biopic of Gotti Sr., but he turned that down. Instead, Gotti Jr. met with John Travolta, who made the film into an almost-personal project. During filming, Travolta really got into character by wearing Gotti's clothes, and cologne. Kelly Preston, who is Travolta's wife,  played Victoria Gotti in the film and wore the wedding ring and other jewelry owned by the real Victoria.