6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About John Lennon

John Lennon was born in Liverpool, England on this day in 1940. Lennon would become one of the most influential songwriters in the history of music after co-founding the Beatles. Here are 6 things you didn't know about John Lennon...


He Claimed to Have Seen a UFO In 1974, while standing on the balcony of his apartment with former flame May Pang, the pair claim to have seen a flying saucer. He referenced the event in his song 'Nobody Told Me' with the lyrics "There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised."

He Signed an Autograph For His Killer On the morning of his murder, John Lennon signed a copy of his latest album 'Double Fantasy' for Mark David Chapman who would assassinate him later that day.


Lennon Was Investigated By The FBI Following his arrival in New York in 1971, the FBI opened a file on Lennon, suspecting him of trying to influence the nation's youth with radical politics. The extent of their surveillance wasn't discovered until the 1990s.

He Was the Only Non-Vegetarian Beatle George Harrison was the first Beatle to become a full-blown vegetarian, and Paul McCartney joined him a few years later. While Ringo eventually became a vegetarian for health reasons (rather than ethical reasons), Lennon could never fully commit to stopping eating meat.

Lennon Played Monopoly All the Time While on the road, whether in a plane or hotel, Lennon brought along his Monopoly set and played often. He reportedly stood up when he tossed the dice and zeroed in on owning Park Place and Boardwalk. Reportedly, he didn’t care if he won or lost as long as he owned those two coveted Monopoly properties.

Lennon Was Not an Good Driver Lennon didn’t get his driver’s license until age 24, and everyone who knew him considered him a horrible driver. After he totaled his car while in Scotland in 1969 with his wife, Yoko Ono, he gave up driving. After Lennon and Ono went home to England, they had the wrecked car mounted on a pillar as a reminder of the accident, and Lennon used a driver after that.